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8 Major Differences in Paintball vs Laser Tag | Find out the Winner

In Paintball vs Laser tag, the biggest difference is the format of this special game. As Paintball includes the use of projectile-paint-filled balls that leave their stains on the opponents. On the other hand, Laser tag involves the use of razor-sharp lasers to tag enemies & eliminate them from the game.

However, both these games involve high-thrill actions that test the survival skills of both professionals & armatures. Therefore, it is important to know the major differences between these two games. I have shared the 8 major differences between them in the below article so that you can easily read them.

8 Major Differences – Paintball vs Laser Tag 2023

Just like in Paintball vs Airsoft, I have concluded a list of the 8 main factors that easily separate these two games. As a result, it would be best for you to read this special informational article about “Major Differences in Paintball vs Laser Tag” thoroughly till the end.

1. Game Equipment

Paintball is considered a more complex and dangerous game as compared to Laser tag. Therefore, it includes the users wearing special kits that might include bags, shields, gloves, masks, & goggles to prevent injuries.

On the other hand, in the Laser tag, the users only have to wear a Laser sensor and carry a gun. Yeah, That’s it! Therefore, it is easier to play with less equipment. However, it is still not capable to provide more fun for the players as in Paintball.

2. Ammunition

Paintball includes the use of special air-compressed balls with paint fillings that can do damage to the users without kits. Moreover, the players also have to carry such bullets with them all the time during playtime.

Compared to that, laser tag doesn’t include any use of Ammo. You just have to carry a gun that emits infrared laser waves to tag the opponents. Therefore, this game enhances your movements to kill opponents at a fast rate.

3. Cost

Paintball is no doubt more expensive as compared to Laser tag. Because it includes the use of special protection kits and compressed air guns. These guns are pretty expensive and users have to prevent them from all types of damage.

While in laser tag, players just have to use a single gun with batteries. Therefore, they are pretty low in cost as compared to paintball. But with greater cost, comes the greater fun. So, be sure to try them both and then look at their difference.

4. Playing Fields

Paintball is generally an outdoor game. Meanwhile, laser tag is considered to be the best indoor game. Moreover, paintball fields are pretty large with multiple obstacles and tasks to perform by the teams to earn extra time & points.

On the other hand, the Laser tag field & arenas are a little small. However, they include more obstacles and covers to enhance the fun of the game for the players.

5. Game Intensity

The intensity and physical demands of paintball are generally higher than those of laser tag. Players must remain vigilant and aware of their surroundings to avoid being hit by paintballs. Or else they’ll be eliminated in no time without having any fun.

By contrast, laser tag requires less physical effort and there is no danger of being struck by projectiles. Moreover, it is safer for both beginners & armatures. But, Paintball has its class and has no match in providing the users with the perfect gaming experience.

6. Playing Strategy

The game of paintball requires a greater degree of strategic thinking and teamwork than laser tag. During the game, players must coordinate their movements, plan their attacks, and organize their defenses.

In contrast, Individual skill and accuracy are more important in laser tag. You can work as a team in this game. But, players consider it more fun to play in a solo mode and eliminate as many opponents as they can just for fun & entertainment.

7. Playing Time

A laser tag game only lasts for about 20-30 minutes. On the other hand, a paintball game can easily last for more than an hour. Some people say that it is pretty difficult for players to last this long playing time duration.

While others consider it to be the best. As they can easily work on their skills, complete the tasks, and work as a team for a good amount of time. However, it is up to you and your skills that would conclude your time in this paintball game.

8. Skill Level

Last but not least, let’s discuss the skill level of both these games. Starting with paintball requires high-level skills. That might include having perfect aim, shooting ability, & the amazing capability to dodge the opponent’s fire.

On the other hand, the laser tag doesn’t include the use of such skills. It is a simple game and is not as physical as compared to Paintball. However, playing them both can easily enhance your skills to a greater level.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between Paintball vs Laser Tag vs Airsoft?

Paintball involves shooting paint-filled projectiles at opponents, laser tag uses infrared beams to tag opponents, and airsoft involves shooting small plastic pellets at opponents. Each sport has its unique equipment, gameplay, and level of intensity.

Is paintball or airsoft more painful?

Airsoft strikes hurt less than Paintball hits due to the difference in ammunition size. It is common for pro paintballers to wear motocross-style lightweight armor and to wear full-face protection due to paintballs’ higher impact rate.

How hard does a paintball hit you?

Paintball typically feels like a firm flick to most people. This will depend on the speed, distance, and location of the ball. Bruises and bumps after paintballing are common, but not too serious.

Final Verdict

In Paintball vs Laser tag, we have concluded the 8 major differences. However, their biggest difference is their gaming actions. As paintball includes more skills, accuracy, cost, and intensity level as compared to laser tags.

However, choosing between these two amazing games depends on your personal preferences and choices. Nevertheless, you can easily read the above 8 factors to find out which one is best for your physical activity. In the end, I hope that you would like the information shared in this article.

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