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15 Best Professional Paintballers | History, Salary, & Other Details 2023

The Best Professional Paintballers are the elite, the unparalleled, and the masters of their craft. Their unique blend of skill, strategy, and sheer determination makes them stand out from the rest of the field. In every step they take onto the battlefield, they unleash a whirlwind of intensity that leaves opponents and spectators in awe.

This remarkable group of athletes embodies the epitome of paintball excellence, with their illustrious histories and awe-inspiring accomplishments. As I reveal the secrets behind the triumphs and the raw passion that drives the best paintballers, I invite you to join me as I delve into their captivating stories.

Therefore, Get ready to witness the unparalleled talent, the unwavering spirit, and the heart-stopping moments that define the world of the best paintballs.

15 Best Professional Paintballers – All Details You Should Know in 2023

Here is a list of the 15 best paintball professional players that are currently playing in 2023. These players are well-known all across the world. Therefore, I have shared all the major details about them that you must read.

1. Ryan Greenspan

Ryan Greenspan is a well-known professional paintballers from the United States. He started his professional career back in 2000. Thus, due to his incredible paintballing skills, sharp mindset, and incredible athleticism, he has secured his place as one of the best in this business with a long-term playing plan.

Talking about his achievements in this sport, Ryan has won multiple Millennium Series along with a paintball world cup tournament. Therefore, with his incredible leadership skills, he has set his market value to about $200,000 in 2023.

2. Oliver Lang

Oliver Lang is considered the greatest paintball player in the world. As he held the number one spot for more than 3 years. He is also from the USA. His fame came along with his professional career debut in the 1990s. As people consider him their favorite due to his incredible physic, accuracy, game plan, and sharp mind.

Everyone on the paintball field knows that he is the only player to hold numerous MVPs at different tournaments just by playing alone. He has also got the World Cup trophy in his cabinet and thus with all such achievements, his market value is about $250,000.

3. Alex FraigeProfessional Paintballer

Alex Fraige is yet another American professional paintball player on the list of professional paintballers. The Alex Fraige is well-known for his 2-decade of paintball experience as a professional. He made a sudden impact on all his competitors after his debut and people generally fell in love with his paintball skills to capture the enemy’s flags & defending that specific area.

He won numerous international and national paintball league games. Despite being underrated, his career receives low ratings.. Nevertheless, his current market value is about $150,000. However, with each passing day, this amount is increasing due to his impressive talent.

4. Yosh Rau

Yosh Rau is also a professional paintball player that is well-known for his aggressive paintball skills. He has been showing incredible skills and class in this gaming field for many years along with certain achievements. He has won a World Cup, multiple national league titles along with MVP awards.

Due to his aggressive mindset and quick actions against his opponents, he has gained a huge fan following. Therefore, many different clubs from around the world have offered Yosh to play for them. This generally increases his market value each day. However, in 2023, his current salary is around $180,000.

5. Marcello Margott

Marcello Margott is a renowned American paintball player whose versatility and adaptability make him a valuable asset. He has played for multiple top-tier clubs and teams, contributing greatly to their success.

The track record of Margott is impressive, as he has won multiple tournaments and received numerous accolades. Known for his tactical approach and strong communication skills, he is an invaluable member of any team. It is estimated that Margott’s annual salary is approximately $160,000.

6. Oliver “Ollie” Payne

Oliver Payne, also known as Ollie, is a British paintball professional. He started his career in the early 2000s. Now, he is well-known for his incredible gaming abilities such as sharp plans and accurate teamwork.

Moreover, Payne is known for his exceptional speed and agility. His performance in major tournaments and international competitions has been consistent. Therefore, he has a great market demand in all over the world. According to estimates, Payne earns around $120,000.

7. Archie Montemayor

Archie Montemayor, originating from the United States, is one of the top players in professional paintball. He has also held the number-one spot in this game for many years. The strategic mind and precise shooting Montemayor have led his teams to victory in many tournaments.

No doubt, he is considered one of the best In this field due to his incredible paintballing skills. Nevertheless, In the paintball community, he has earned respect for his skill and dedication. Therefore, The salary of Montemayor is estimated at $140,000.

8. Blake Yarber

Blake Yarber is an American paintball professional who is known for his accuracy. He has played a key role in successful teams throughout his career. Moreover, he is one of the few players that have played in the leagues from all over the world.

As a result of his exceptional skills, Yarber consistently finishes in the top spots at major events. He also shares incredible paintball tips and tricks with his fans giving them a good chance to make their way in this field. However, It is estimated that he earns $100,000 a year.

9. Konstantin Fedorov

Konstantin Fedorov is a dominant force in the professional paintball scene. He has consistently demonstrated his exceptional gun fighting skills and athleticism through his aggressive and fearless approach. Therefore, he has great demand all across the world due to his incredible paintballing skills.

Moreover, He has played a crucial role in championship-winning teams, both domestically and internationally with paintball rules. He has established himself as a top-tier paintballer because of his ability to make high-impact moves. Due to his large fan base and enhancing market value, He earns about $200k a year.

10. Dave Bains

Canadian paintballer Dave Bains has significantly contributed to the sport. As a member of multiple championship-winning teams, he has demonstrated exceptional leadership and teamwork. Thus, all these incredible qualities indicate that he is no doubt an incredible paintballer.

In addition to excelling in different positions on the field, Bains adapts well to different game scenarios. Thus, it even made him more versatile as he was able to play at different places and locations. He has established himself as one of the top paintballers with his extensive experience. In 2016, Bains earned $180,000.

11. Greg Siewers

The American paintball player Greg Siewers has emerged as one of the most prominent figures in the sport. He is pretty famous for his agile paintball skills and efficient paintballing techniques The lightning-fast reflexes of Siewers and his excellent field awareness make him unbeatable.

As a national and international player, he boasts a commendable tournament record. Therefore, people from all over the world know him and leagues always try their best to purchase his skills. As one of the best paintballers in the industry, Siewers makes precise moves and delivers crucial eliminations. There is an estimate that he earns $130,000 a year.

12. Chad George

An aggressive and relentless paintball player, Chad George has made a name for himself. He is also from America, well, they all are from there, because it is considered the hub of paintballers. His speed and agility make him difficult for opponents to handle. Numerous tournament wins and individual accolades have been earned by George’s consistent performance.

Moreover, He has made his name in this field with the incredible and versatile skills that he contains. It has taken him years to establish himself as a highly respected professional paintballers. A salary of $150,000 is estimated for George.

13. Billy Bernacchia

Bernacchia’s career spans several decades, and he is a seasoned paintball player. However, people still consider him a top-tier paintballer due to the incredible skills he is blessed with. His performances have consistently been exceptional at the highest levels of the sport.

In addition to his versatility, Bernacchia is adaptable, which allows him to excel in a variety of roles. Therefore, different leagues often try to offer him different contracts. In the past years, several championships have been won by him and he has been a prominent figure in paintball. Lastly, let’s not forget that Bernacchia is estimated to earn about $120,000 a year.

14. Jason Edwards

Throughout his career, Jason Edwards has displayed exceptional skill and dedication. He makes strategic plays and leads his team effectively. This lad from America is well-known for the sharp game tactics that allow him to win in easy ways.

Numerous victories, including the NXL series and World Cup, have been achieved by him. Edwards has earned a reputation as one of the world’s top paintballers for his ability to read the game and make crucial decisions under stress. Therefore, he has a significant market demand and it is estimated that he earns $140,000 a year.

15. Alexander “Mouse” Goldman

Alexander Goldman, also known as Mouse, is an American paintball player who has gained significant attention among professional paintballers. He is one of the few youngest players that have achieved many great things during the start of their careers. Moreover, Mouse has consistently delivered outstanding performances despite his young age.

Throughout his career, he has earned numerous accolades and tournament victories thanks to his lightning-fast reflexes. He has become a rising star in the paintball community because of his growth potential. He earns around $100,000 a year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the highest-paid paintball player?

Several of the top-earning players in the sport have reported annual salaries between $200,000 and $250,000. Among these players are renowned names such as Ryan Greenspan, Oliver Lang, and Konstantin Fedorov.

How to become a professional paintball player?

Here are the steps to becoming a paintball pro:

  • Develop your skills by playing paintball regularly. Become a member of a local team or league.
  • Learn from experienced players and coaches at paintball clinics, workshops, and tournaments.
  • Connect with players, team managers, and sponsors within the paintball community. Using videos and social media, showcase your skills.
  • Become a professional athlete and participate in tryouts. Being consistent, dedicated, and positive is key to making the pro paintball team.
How much do professional pinball players make?

The average salary at Stern Pinball Inc is $83,641, with a range from $72,344 up to $96,127 depending on the level of experience.

How much do professional paintballers earn?

Professional paintballers’ earnings can vary significantly based on factors such as sponsorships, tournament winnings, and individual endorsements. Some top players can earn substantial amounts, while others may rely on supplemental income from coaching or product promotions.

Professional paintballers make $39,063 per year, on average.

Is professional paintball a thing?

Yes, professional paintball is a recognized competitive sport with dedicated leagues, teams, and tournaments worldwide. It requires exceptional skill, strategy, and teamwork, and professional players often compete at the highest levels of the sport.

Who is the most famous paintball player?

While there are several renowned paintball players, the title of the most famous player may vary depending on factors such as the era, specific achievements, and overall contribution to the sport’s growth and development. Ryan Greenspan​ is the Iconic’s Best Overall Player of All-Time

How do you become a professional paintballer?

Becoming a professional paintballer typically involves consistent training, participation in local and regional competitions, and gaining recognition within the paintball community. Building strong teamwork skills, mastering strategic gameplay, and fostering relationships within the industry are also essential steps.

Can you win money from paintball?

Yes, it’s possible to win money from paintball through tournament prizes, sponsorships, endorsements, and coaching opportunities. However, the amount one can earn depends on individual performance, team success, and engagement with the broader paintball community.

Is paintball a good sport?

Paintball is widely considered an exciting and engaging sport that promotes teamwork, strategy, and physical activity. It offers players an adrenaline-fueled experience and fosters camaraderie, making it a popular choice for individuals seeking an action-packed and thrilling recreational activity.

Final Verdict

The 15 Best Professional Paintballers of today have illuminated the world of professional paintball with their incredible talent and unwavering dedication. Moreover, Their skills have mesmerized audiences and rewritten the rules of engagement.

Moreover, Every player has carved their path to success, amassing an impressive collection of championships, MVP titles, and accolades, from Ryan Greenspan to Alexander “Mouse” Goldman.

Thus, They earn between $100,000 and $250,000 a year, a testament to their value to their teams. In the world of paintball, they are the epitome of excellence because of their exceptional skills, strategic prowess, and relentless competitive spirit.

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