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Frozen Paintballs | Myth or Fact – All Details 2023

Have you ever heard of frozen paintballs? They’re a little-known technique that some paintball players swear by. By freezing the paintballs before use, players claim that they can increase accuracy and reduce the painful welts that often accompany the game. But, there’s always a major catch.

If not handled properly, frozen paintballs can break inside the paintball gun and cause damage or injury. So, are frozen paintballs worth the risk? And, can they reduce the painful paintball welts that so many of us are all too familiar with? Let’s explore this intriguing paintball strategy and find out.

All Major Details of Frozen Paintballs 2023

Frozen paintballs are generally frozen at a low temperature that is below the freezing point. This enhances the brittleness in these paintballs and makes them pretty hard. As a result, they don’t break easily upon impact during the gameplay. However, it also makes the gameplay more sensitive and difficult.

1. Benefits of Frozen Paintballs

The frozen paintballs have two major advantages in the gameplay. First, when they are frozen, they become brittle and their accuracy is increased. As a result, they are less affected by air resistance while playing paintball. Therefore, it becomes easy for the players to determine their accurate trajectory time and angles for proper shoots.

Secondly, due to their hard surface after being frozen, they become more strong and brittle. Therefore, they don’t break easily upon a little impact on their body. As a result, you can easily use them for playing more than hours with ease and accuracy.

2. How to Store Frozen Paintballs?

We all know that paintballs are stored in air-tight containers and bags to prevent them from being damaged by moisture. As it makes them too brittle and upon sudden impact, they can easily be broken down into pieces. Therefore, it is recommended to freeze them.

By doing so, they are prevented from moisture and it locks their brittleness to a specific level. Thus, when it is time to play, you can easily restore them. You just have to place them in any cool area such as the freezer by placing them in air-tight bags and then leaving them overnight for accurate results.

3. Should you use Frozen Paintballs?

Paintballs do hurt when they are not played with the right equipment. However, the frozen paintballs are even more dangerous as they are more brittle and difficult to handle. Therefore, you must know the limit or level of the game intensity that you are willing to play without hurting yourself.

This frozen paintball technique is only used by professionals in this field. Nevertheless, if you are still trying to use such paintballs, make sure to consult an expert first to ensure the cons and limitations to prevent serious injuries during your gameplay.

4. Drawbacks of Frozen Paintballs

Unlike the advantages, the number of disadvantages of these frozen paintballs is more. First, due to the high brittleness of these paintballs, they can easily break down within the guns causing damage to both equipment and the users. Secondly, due to their less elasticity and heavy weight, they also don’t travel fast and long distances just like unfrozen paintballs.

Last but not least, these paintballs hurt more than all others due to their strong composition. Thus, the risk of getting serious injuries is also at its peak with using frozen paintballs. So, make sure to prevent their usage and keep yourself safe & sound from the Frozen paintball damage.

5. Can frozen paintballs kill you?

Well No, it is not possible for such paintball bullets to kill. Do frozen paintballs hurt more? However, using them at a near distance without using the right equipment can result in serious injury. Therefore, it is first advised to not use them. But, if you are still willing to try them, be sure to wear high-quality helmets, gloves, shields, masks, and goggles to prevent injuries.

6. How does frozen paintball in the arm feel?

A frozen paintball can cause pain, bruising, or welts if it strikes the arm in the same way as a regular paintball. Nevertheless, if the paintball breaks inside the gun and causes injury, it may be more dangerous. A significant injury or pain should be treated by a physician in either case.

7. Can you freeze paintballs?

It is not possible to freeze all types of paintballs safely. Make sure you use the right type of paintball before freezing paintballs, as the wrong types can cause damage. To prevent excessive brittleness or breakage, paintballs should not be frozen for too long. Using frozen paintballs safely and effectively requires proper storage and handling techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to freeze paintballs?

This is an old story that has stood the test of time. It is often said that frozen paintballs are more painful than regular paintballs, or that frozen paintballs are more hazardous. To be honest, the only danger associated with frozen paintballs is what they can do to your paintball gun. This is a myth, do not believe the hype!

Do they make soft paintballs?

A smaller segment of the player base is interested in a less-impact paintball experience. PAINTBALL SOFT DOES NOT HURT as much as regular paintballs, so it is ideal for players of all ages.

Can frozen paintballs break glass?

Freezing a paintball makes it about as hard as a marble, explained Island Paintball Supplies technician Vinny Mortarotti. It could easily break a window, or worse, take out an eye.

Can a paintball break a finger?

The maximum velocity in the industry is 300 feet per second (about 200 miles per hour). A paintball with a velocity greater than 300 feet per second will leave large bruises and is capable of breaking the skin or even breaking fingers.

Final Verdict

The use of frozen paintballs can be an effective paintball strategy for increasing accuracy and reducing breakage, but they are not without risks and must be handled and stored carefully. You may be able to gain an advantage on the field of paintball by properly preparing and using frozen paintballs.

Well, as I have stated that it is just a Myth. Therefore, don’t be ridiculous and try making these paintballs to play with them or else you’ll end up in a hospital. In the end, I hope you’ll like the information shared in this specific article.

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