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Paintball Welts

Paintball Welts

Have you ever been hit by a Paintball welt? Let me tell you, it’s not a pleasant experience. The sharp pain, the sudden shock, and the lingering bruise that follows – it’s enough to make anyone hesitate before stepping onto the field. But as a Paintball enthusiast, I’ve come to accept the welts as part … Read more

How to Treat & Avoid Bruises from Paintball | 6 Types, Tips, & Guide

Bruises from Paintball

Bruises from paintball can be a painful reminder of the thrill of the game. From the first shot fired to the last, the adrenaline rush and excitement of paintball can be addictive. But what about the aftermath? Yes, paintball does hurt, and those bruises can last for days. Nevertheless, there’s no reason to let them … Read more